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What is laser therapy? It’s simply pressure point therapy, like acupuncture. It’s a holistic approach to heal the body. A low level light pulse is directed at points on the face, ears and hands.

What is Zerona Laser

Zerona is the first non-invasive body contouring procedure to effectively remove excess fat without the negative side effects associated with surgical methods. Zerona utilizes the same cold laser technology developed by Erchonia, which has been shown to emulsify fat and allow it to move to interstitial space. Although this technology was originally utilized to help assist tumescent liposuction procedures, it was found that the cold laser treatment alone helped clients to reduce inches from their waist, hip and thighs.



Share your success

If you have had great success with our laser therapy program please feel free to contact us and leave us your testimonial. We appreciate all positive feedback and will post them in our testimonial section for others to read. Please remember that when you succeed as an individual to quit smoking your testimonials are also a very effective way to inspire others to do the same, thank you.

Length of procedure

There is usually only one 30 minute treatment required, however more treatments are available.

How the laser is used

The laser is placed on various meridian and auricular points on the body around the ears, nose, hands, and wrists.

What to expect after a treatment

The treatment is very relaxing with no negative side effects.

What our customer say

“I didn’t expect it to be so easy. I was a little apprehensive about the treatment but my concerns were put aside by Omega, who were very professional in their consultation, and listened and understood my fears on giving up smoking and answered them in a way that inspired confidence in myself, I have never looked back.”

Merle King

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Laser safety

Low power laser light is completely safe. It is a bio-stimulation laser not a surgical laser. We are using the latest technology without needles, so it is totally painless. Your procedure will be given by a certified Laser Technician, specifically trained in low power Laser Therapy.

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