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I was a smoker for 40 years. I had tried everything over the years to quit but nothing worked for me — hypnosis, cold turkey, zyban, etc. I have told everyone I know that Omega Laser Therapy was the one that worked for me. Other laser therapy companies are now springing up for smoking and weight loss but I know people that tried them and they did not work for them. I tell everyone that asks me “Don’t go just anywhere, make sure it says Omega Laser Therapy because they know what they are doing!” Thanks to John, I have been smoke free for over a year and a half, and have never really had a craving since I left your office. Thanks again!

Peggy Hitchon

Dear John, I just wanted to let you know how happy I am to finally be rid of smoking. My kids and wife are extremely happy as am I. I can’t believe using a laser has helped me quit. I will recommend it to anyone I meet who’s wanting to quit. It’s definitely the easiest way around. Thank you again!

Adam Peterson

I had heard about laser therapy to quit smoking. I must admit that I was a bit skeptical but when one of my co-workers arrived to work Monday smoke free I became a believer. I was treated by John and he has helped me become a non smoker after smoking a pack a day for over 20 years. Thank you so much John. I breathe much better now and it feels good to know I’ve finally licked this habit for good.

Marie Fisher

I didn’t expect it to be so easy. I was a little apprehensive about the treatment but my concerns were put aside by Omega, who were very professional in their consultation, and listened and understood my fears on giving up smoking and answered them in a way that inspired confidence in myself, I have never looked back.

Merle King

I have been a lifetime smoker and had tried just about every way to kick the addiction. Hypnotherapy, Nicotine Patches, Nicotine Gum, Books on quitting, and most of all Willpower! All with little or no success, until I tried Laser Therapy after viewing a document on the subject. At last I had found an effective way of quitting smoking for good, without the usual withdrawal effect and anxieties. At last I had gotten rid of something I’d been trying to quit for years. It was like a millstone had been lifted from me, all the years of doing something that I knew was bad for my health but was unable to stop. No more feelings of guilt every time I lit up a cigarette. Now I was free to get on with my life!

Peter Wallace

I walked into a clinic 12 years ago with two friends who also wanted to quit smoking cigarettes. I was heavily addicted to nicotine and tried everything on the market to quit smoking. Due to asthma and bronchitis, I had to quit smoking as I couldn’t breath. I was a chain smoker and smoked 40 cigarettes a day! After my first treatment with laser therapy I walked out a non smoker. It is very empowering to get over an addiction so powerful as cigarettes. I now enjoy helping people to get rid of cigarettes with the Omega Smoking Cessation Program.

John A. PichéOwner

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